Meet the spark of energy behind World Bear Weekend, Adam Rodriguez-Routt.  Adam is actively involved in the bear community, and passionate about fundraising for local and global LGBT charities.  Aside from planning World Bear Weekend, Adam is the current vice-president for The Kentucky Bourbon Bears in Lexington, KY; the chairman for North American Bear Weekend; and the owner or Torso Menswear, an online store catering to men’s underwear, jocks, and swimwear.  

Adam travels extensively throughout the USA at bear/leather events to promote his underwear business, as well as the North American Bear Weekend and World Bear Weekend events.  You’ll instantly recognize him at the events by his southern Kentucky twang, and friendly hugs.  

Adam is ecstatic to welcome men & women from all over the globe to Cincinnati, OH for our 2nd annual event; to award (3) World titles to amazing contestants; and raise money for Rainbow Railroad – the primary charity for the event.

Adam teamed up with Wolfstryker Leather for inspiration and creative advice when creating this event.  Wolfstryker Leather was founded to fill a need in the Philadelphia community for high quality custom leather. Todd Wolfstryker had noticed that there was no source of high quality gear, and certainly no one making leather for larger men. To address this, he started making gear on his own as a hobby. In 2010, he met up with Mason Stryker who joined Todd in his quest. In 2012, Wolfstryker Leather was incorporated with the goal of providing he absolute best quality leather on the market, and backing the gear with a lifetime warranty. Over the last five years Wolfstryker has grown tremendously as the community has embraced our commitment to 100% custom bespoke gear, and this was highlighted for us this year with our invitation to vend at IML.

Wolfstryker Leather continues to strive in our field by specializing in unique skins, such as alligator, stingray, and snakeskin, embracing color, and never, ever mass manufacturing their gear. They have no clicker or pre-made templates for manufacturing our leather, and each piece, from pocket flags to motorcycle jackets to covers are handmade in house and sized expressly for the owner. No Pakistani or Chinese leather is ever used in their gear, and all of their hardware is the highest quality, highlighted by their solid brass hardware and the sterling silver and 14 karat gold offerings.

Wolfstryker Leather is fully committed to the LGBTQ+ community as well as mainstream USA. This has been a commitment since day one, with their first gear model being Pup Rexx, an amazing transgender man in Philadelphia who still works with them to this day. Their women’s line is second to none, highlighted by their golden gear worn by International Ms. Leather Lascivious Jane during her competition. Additionally; Wolfstryker Leather has raised tens of thousands of dollars in just the last few years for organizations and individuals in the community, including the Mazzoni Center and Mama’s Kids.  Wolfstryker Leather maintains their commitment to making each item become a spokes piece of gear something the owner will treasure for a lifetime.

World Bear Weekend would like to express sincere gratitude to Wolfstryker Leather for their diamond sponsorship and continued support to make this event so successful!