GoNaked Activities

Nick Vannello
Owner of GoNaked Magazine

GoNaked is a magazine for and by real nudist men. Real Men. Really Naked. Consider us a pictorial experience for the male naturist set. Great articles, great information, great naked men, travel advice, interviews, an ever-changing calendar of events, reader submitted stories and inspiring photographs, we aim to provide our readers with the information they need to meet other naturist males. We welcome the next generation of male nudists, as we continue to expand our readership into new demographics.

We are excited to team up with World Bear Weekend to provide unique, body-positive experiences throughout the weekend. These events are meant to be freeing and erotic, and inclusive to all body types. Come as you are. Celebrate your body. Meet some great folks. We are excited to meet you!

Below is a list of the GoNaked Activities planned during World Bear Weekend.


Our game room is the perfect place to let it all hang out, and for the times noted, you can choose to play any of the games naked. Or, start up a game of strip poker and see who the last one dressed will be!


Start your morning with a hot cup of coffee (or tea), a hug, and friendly conversation. We’ll have soft music to start your day, some pastry, and plenty of smiles. Wear what is comfortable: Your jammies, your robe, your boxers, or nothing at all.


Overwhelmed by all of the hustle and bustle of World Bear Weekend? If you’re an introvert who needs to recharge your mental/physical/spiritual batteries now and then, join us in this no-talking “Fortress of Solitude”. In our softly-lit room, simply find a space on the floor to lie down, close your eyes, and let the healing sounds wash over you. You are welcome to join this sacred space at any time (during the posted times) and you may leave when you are recharged. Naked is not necessary, but you are welcome to be as unclothed as you wish.


Come meet the title winners from the 2022 World Bear Contest. Shed your clothes, have a drink, and make some new friends. You MUST be naked to attend. (Clothing Check Provided)


Sometimes clothes get in the way when you’re shopping for certain items. Stop by the Vendor Market on Friday & Saturday mornings from 10am-11am for Naked Shopping! There will be a Clothing Check available.


New to getting naked socially? Have questions or concerns about how to behave or if you’ll be accepted? Join Nick for this Nudie Newbie Orientation. We’ll start out clothed and by the time the session ends, hopefully you’ll be a Bare Bear!