In countries all over the world, lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-identified (LGBT) people still live in basic fear for their freedom, their safety and their lives.  They often have nowhere to turn because their government and police not only tolerate but encourage this brutality. Rainbow Railroad exists to help these people get out of danger to somewhere safe. In the spirit of and with homage to the Underground Railroad, the mission of the Rainbow Railroad is to help LGBT people as they seek safe haven from state enabled violence, murder or persecution. Through funds collected by people like you, we’re able to support, provide information, and help to arrange safe transportation for these LGBT people to somewhere in the world where they can live their lives in safety.


Rainbow Railroad versus other charities is that you have a tangible and immediate impact. By donating to Rainbow Railroad, you help us provide information and support to LGBT individuals living in fear and isolation due to government and police supported persecution and violence. In many cases we are also able to provide funds to help individuals get to safe or safer countries for LGBT people. This can include funds to cover the cost of travel documents, airfare, and basic needs while individuals are in hiding or preparing to leave to a safer country. World Bear Weekend will donate a percentage of our proceeds (after expenses) from our 2022 event to Rainbow Railroad.


On June 12, 2016 — 49 angels sought the joy, love, and acceptance of Pulse nightclub. Instead, they found hatred. And they never came home. They were gay. They were straight. Latin, black, white. Mothers. Brothers. Sisters. Daughters. Sons. Lost forever. Targeted for their association. Attacked for their acceptance. Silenced for their love. And murdered simply because they chose to be themselves.

This was both a terrorist act and a hate crime. Yet in the aftermath of the largest and deadliest act of violence affecting LGBTQ+ people, and one of the deadliest terrorist attacks by a single gunman in modern American history, the Orlando community and the world came together to prove that love will overcome fear and hatred. Under this banner, the onePULSE Foundation, a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit, was created to memorialize this tragedy and ensure that Pulse’s legacy of love, acceptance and hope will never be lost.

Inspired by community feedback, onePULSE intends to build the National Pulse Memorial & Museum including a pedestrian pathway called Survivors Walk, on the site of the Pulse nightclub and nearby properties.

The National Pulse Memorial will be a sanctuary of hope and healing that honors the 49 lives that were taken, their families, the 68 injured victims, all the affected survivors, and the first responders and healthcare professionals who cared for the victims.

The Pulse Museum will educate, enlighten, inspire reflection and rumination, and start conversations that will change mindsets. The museum will provide a permanent home for artifacts and archives of the tragedy and represent a lasting legacy of the global response of love seen in the weeks and months following the shooting.

Survivors Walk will trace the three-block journey many victims and survivors took the night of the tragedy to get to the Orlando Regional Medical Center. Together, the National Pulse Memorial & Museum, including Survivors Walk, will be a tribute to all those affected, will engage and educate visitors from around the world, and will serve as a catalyst for positive change.

The National Pulse Memorial & Museum International Design Competition challenges architects to form a multi-disciplinary team with urban designers, landscape architects, exhibition designers, and artists to create an iconic place of remembrance and acceptance, and a sacred and safe place that teaches love, motivates action, and transforms thinking.

A place that makes it clear: We will not let hate win. This embodies the true spirit of World Bear Weekend, and we are excited to donate a portion of our proceeds to this cause in our community.