Meet one of the sparks of energy behind World Bear Weekend, Adam Rodriguez-Routt.  Adam is actively involved in the bear community, and passionate about fundraising for local and global LGBTQ+ charities.  Aside from co-producing & planning World Bear Weekend, Adam is the vice president for The Kentucky Bourbon Bears in Lexington, KY; the producer of North American Bear Weekend; and the owner or Torso Menswear, an online store catering to men’s underwear, jocks, and swimwear.  

Adam travels extensively throughout the USA at bear/leather events to promote his underwear business, as well as the North American Bear Weekend and World Bear Weekend events.  You’ll instantly recognize him at the events by his southern Kentucky twang, and friendly hugs.  



Aside from his Co-Producer title for World Bear Weekend, Mason Stryker is also Co-owner and General Manager of Wolfstryker Leather. Mason lives in Collingswood, NJ with his husband of 20 years and their zoo of pets, he is a bio-dad to a wonderful 27-year-old. Mason has accepted his role of Daddybear and works behind the scenes to help promote numerous causes and organizations in various LGBTQIA communities. When not knee-deep in leather, he enjoys gardening, travelling, fishing, “glamping”, dining out, and cooking. Mason also enjoys designing new looks for his company’s gear and working with customers on developing that ‘perfect’ piece of leather. Mason travels over 100 days a year, and works an average of 80 hours a week balancing his various jobs, so downtime is few and far between.


Paul Lanner, co-producer for World Bear Weekend, is also very active with the Kentucky Bourbon Bears and was Kentucky Bourbon Bear 2017 and “Kentucky Bourbon Bear of the Year” honoree in 2018. Paul also runs Haunters Against Hate, which is a non-profit coalition of haunted house attractions and Haunters who stand up against hatred to the LGBTQ community. Through sales of T-shirts, calendars and the first-ever coffee table book about scare actors, “The Book of Haunters,” he has donated over $30,000 to LGBTQ organizations across the U.S. Paul has worked in the entertainment industry for 30+ years, and has been working with Warner Bros. for the past 20+ years.