The World Bear Contest scoring method and contestant finalist process is very straight-forward.  We will have 5 to 7 judges from all over the world on-site to observe all contestants’ interactions with the crowd throughout the weekend, and note how the well each contestant presents himself/herself in raffle ticket sales, on-stage presence, interviews, etc.  Below is a summary of the scoring process:

  • Title Wear Category…….…….(15% of Overall Score)
  • Theme Wear Category………(15% of Overall Score)
  • Judges Interviews………………(20% of Overall Score)
  • Fantasy Wear Category…….(20% of Overall Score)
  • On-Stage Question……………(10% of Overall Score)
  • Formal Wear Category……..(20% of Overall Score)
    • includes Speech

Depending on the number of contestants competing, we may implement a “Top 5 per Category” elimination round after 50% of the scores have been tabulated.  All contestants should prepare wardrobe changes for ALL categories, however only the finalists will proceed to the final Fantasy Wear & Formal Wear category.

If, by chance, there is only (1) contestant competing for a title, that contestant must achieve at least 80% of the total points possible to be awarded the title.  If that score is not achieved, the title & prize package will not be awarded during this title year.

In the event of a tie, we will use the contestants’ raffle ticket sales tallies to determine a winner.  The contestant with the highest amount of raffle ticket sales will be awarded (1) additional point to break the tie.