Contest Application


Ready for the next step?  The World Bear Contest and World Pet Contest are ready for you!  Our contests takes place on August 19th-22nd, 2021 at the Guest House at Graceland in Memphis, TN. Hundreds of attendees from all over the world will be in the audience to cheer for YOU!  We are so excited you have decided to join us, and be one of the first of many to compete for these amazing titles.  We are certain that our winners will do great things for our community after winning one of these coveted titles.

Take a few moments to review Contest Overview and Mandatory Requirements during the event before proceeding to the Application.  Once you’ve read those, please visit the link below to fill-out the Contest Application.  Remember to take your time, and be creative with your responses!

Click HERE to access the World Bear Contest Application.

Click HERE to access the World Pet Contest Application