Competing can be stressful.  We’ve put together a Contestant Recap List of Requirements to help you be sure you have completed all your required tasks to have a successful competition.

  • Read all information regarding the contest at
  • Submit your contestant application no later than August 15, 2023.
  • Prepare your wardrobe for the following contest categories:

World Bear Contestants

      • World Bear Contest — Swim Wear (under 2 minutes)
      • World Bear Contest — Theme Wear (under 3 minutes)
      • World Bear Contest — Fantasy/Fetish Wear Scene (under 3 minutes)
      • World Bear Contest — Formal Wear with 3-minute Speech
      • World Bear Contest — Judges Interview (10-15 minutes max)
      • World Bear Contest — Raffle Ticket Sales (Thursday, Friday, Saturday evenings)

World Pet Contestants

      • World Pet Contest — Swim Wear (under 2 minutes)
      • World Pet Contest — Theme Wear (under 3 minutes)
      • World Pet Contest — Fantasy/Fetish Wear Scene (under 3 minutes)
      • World Pet Contest — Formal Wear with 3-minute Speech
      • World Pet Contest — Judges Interview (10-15 minutes max)
      • World Pet Contest — Raffle Ticket Sales (Thursday, Friday, Saturday evenings)

Note for Pet Contestants: Although not required for each category, it is encouraged to incorporate elements of your pet gear or pet looks into each of the categories above. Judges will be interested in seeing how you portrayed yourself as a pet. However, for your Formal Wear look/Speech – you will be required to be OUT of your pet hood to deliver your speech.

Note on Formal Wear:  Formal Wear is whatever your definition of “formal” is.  If it’s a tuxedo or a suit; a ballgown or dress; or a pair of jeans.  YOU define what your formal wear will be.  This is your time to shine on stage and really impress the judges.

  • Each contestant is required to prepare a raffle basket for our raffle that will be taking place throughout the weekend.  The minimum value of the items in the basket should add up to at least $100 in value (seek out sponsors to assist with donations for your baskets).  Proceeds from monies raised will be donated to our charities. Basket raffle tickets will be sold by event volunteers throughout the weekend.
  • ALL contestants will be selling cash raffle tickets for a total of (4) set hours over the course of the weekend.  The money received for this raffle will determine your travel fund if you win the title.  If you do not win the title, the money earned for YOUR basket will be donated to charity. The contestant with the highest dollar amount of tickets sold will win a free pass to our next World Bear Weekend event. Only contestants will be selling these tickets.
  • Contestants must arrive & check-in by 3:00pm on Thursday, September 21, 2023 and attend the Contestant Orientation to discuss final details regarding the logistics of the contest.
  • Contestants must attend all events on the Mandatory Requirements list.
  • Contestants should not knowingly fraternize with any judge prior to the announcement of the winners on Saturday evening.
  • Contestants should make every effort to attend all photo shoots and VIP Cocktail Parties.
  • Below are the expectations for our winners of the World Bear & Pet Contest:
      • Go back to your home city or country with your head held high knowing you just won the top honor in the bear/pup communities.
      • Cooperate with event/contest sponsors to help promote YOU, as well as the event/contest.
      • Attend as many events in your area/country that financially fit into your travel budget.  Coordinate with the World Bear Weekend event chairman to get reimbursements up to your spending limit.
      • Participate in on-going fundraising efforts throughout your reign, whether in-person or virtually. Make an effort to conduct (2) solo fundraisers during your reign (at a minimum) to raise funds for our selected charities.
      • Work with your reigning title family throughout the year to conduct at least (1) group fundraiser to contribute toward the next title family’s travel fund.
  • No other active titles shall be permitted/sought after during the World Bear/World Pet title year reign. This is, after all, a WORLD title. We want you to wear it proudly, and represent us & yourself with the utmost pride.
  • Make every effort to return to the next World Bear Weekend to step down & pass on your title to the next generation of title holders. If unable to attend, please prepare a video of your step down speech.