World Bear Weekend would never be a success without the help of our volunteers throughout the weekend.  Volunteering at our event is an excellent way for you to meet new people, be an important part of the event, and save some money on your event pass!  In 2023, our volunteers receive a complimentary pass* in exchange for working at least (12) hours over the course of the weekend. Volunteer passholders will receive a General Admission pass that include lunches on Friday & Saturday, as well as dinner on Saturday evening. 

*Attendees wishing to participate in our Volunteer program will be required to pay $75 upfront for their event pass and sign up at the link below for their spots. Upon completion of the hours worked, the volunteers will be refunded their initial $75 payment. Any volunteers that do not complete/show up for their shifts will not be permitted to participate in future World Bear Weekend events.

Click HERE to sign-up to be a volunteer. Then be sure to go register for the $75 Volunteer Pass (Deposit) at nabweekend.com/register.

NOTE:  Any signup’s received by August 15th, 2023 that do not have a corresponding $75 deposit paid will be cancelled (you will receive an email a week before as a reminder). Once cancelled, your signup’s will be released to others waiting to volunteer. If you choose to re-signup, you will be assigned remaining spots that are available.